Mobile Bus Laboratory

Mobile Bus Laboratory- Since the beginning of its activity, one of the main goals this center tried to catch up with was delivering its services to remote parts of the country or to those who find it hard to come to the center. This idea led to equipping a bus with almost all stem cells lab devices called “Stem Cells Mobile Bus Laboratory” in which you can find: Laboratory desk, Class 2 laminar hoods, all types of light and inverted microscopes, liquid nitrogen tank, CO2 incubator, centrifuge, thermal cycling machine and complete PCR set and many other items provide a bed for students to Experience everything in a real lab. Now even those who live in rural area can take advantage of this science and experience a one-day tour in this mobile lab. In 2017, this mobile bus started its activities officially and so far, lots of students in different groups have participated in training courses and scientific tours organized and provided by this mobile laboratory.



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