PCMD-Royan Institute Webinar Series


PCMD-Royan Institute Webinar Series (Hybrid)

Jointly organized by

Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research,

Royan Institute

Sindh Innovation, Research, and Education Network (SIREN)


First Webinar:
The first webinar of series is entitled:

“Perinatal Stem Cell Derivatives for the Regeneration of Spinal Cord Injury”

This webinar aims to discuss how perinatal stem cells could impact the future of regenerative medicine, provide basic
insight of perinatal stem cell and its role in the management of spinal cord injuries. This webinar will give insight about
the therapeutic potentials of stem cells and their derivatives for regeneration of the damaged spinal cord.

Program Schedule: 20th April, 2022
Day and Time: Wednesday 10.00 am PST
Registration Deadline: 17th April, 2022
For Registration (free): https://bit.ly/3vWSH


university students, researchers and scientists of the related fields of medicine, paramedical studies and basic sciences


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