Royan Education Center

Royan Education Center- Since 1993, Royan Institute has paid special attention to education and the transfer of specialized knowledge to Iranian and International researchers, students, and raising public health awareness through providing research programs, general and specialized courses and clinical services. Therefore, education has been refereed to as one of the main objectives of Royan Institute strategic plan. It is particularly significant for Royan Educational Deputy to prepare the strategic plan in line with these objectives, directors’ invaluable experiences and the institute’s facilities and potentials.

To realize the educational goals, Royan Education Center (REC) has been established in 2019. REC has helped Royan to fulfill its social missions in supporting society lower levels, transfer of knowledge to marginalized high schools and universities.

REC’s diverse specialized laboratories include: general, cell culture, histology, molecular-embryology, flow Cytometry, clean room, Laboratory Animal Surgery Room.

Promotional programs include school-based events aims to increase the scientific knowledge and motivation of first and second grade high school students.

REC is also engaged in providing opportunities for students to work in research laboratories and prepare them for various Kharazmi, Sina Festivals as well as other scientific events. The ED-tourism includes tours to various scientific centers in Ghazvin, Mashhad, Kish Island and etc. REC also designed many programs for raising the awareness of public in the form of Diabetes’ prevention and treatment, the effect of sport on diabetes, cancer prevention and introduction to Cord Blood, decreasing the infertility and genetic problems. REC has held effective intelligent, stress management and English course.

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