Royan Stem Cell for All (SC)

Royan Stem Cell for All (SC)- Following a widespread knowledge about stem cells and their applications in a wide range of treatment methods/techniques among societies and a growing interest among young generation in this realm of science, plus the core of Royan Research Institute which falls onto expanding science of biology, in the mid of 1980s, the idea of launching an educational center for those who are enthusiast to find out more about stem cells was triggered which was called “Stem Cells for All”.

Through training courses provided by this center, students can get a thorough understanding of stem cells, their applications in diseases treatment and laboratory equipment required in this field of science coming along with the cutting-edge knowledge and information concerned with this science. Finding cheerful students dressed in white robes in the center and the enthusiasm both students and the trainers show through the courses lead us to a satisfaction we have been seeking since the existence of this center. So far lots of students from different education levels have enjoyed the courses represented by this center and annually many students make their presence in the center to find out the latest achievements concerned with stem cells. The founders and all those who have been involved in running this center have got the joy of self-satisfaction as the result of the constructive role they have played for their country and countrymen. They do also hope to be able to expand their activities to remote points and locations to those who find it hard to come to the center. To bring their dream into fact, those who are in charge of this training centers have provided course for: Child Labor, Disabled Student, Charity Schools




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