advanced cyto

Advanced Clinical Cytogenetics

Duration: 1 Month

Scientific Chairperson:

Dr. Mohammadreza Zamanian

Main Topics:

Advanced Clinical Cytogenetics

The course covers the understanding of DNA and its architecture, cell division, and the use of various techniques to examine these structures, including chromosome banding, FISH, and array CGH. It also covers the application of these techniques for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities, developing pre-analytic and post-analytic skills in test results interpretation, report writing, and communication of results to clinicians.

Some of the Modules are as follows:

  • To provide basic knowledge on genetics and common genetic diseases for
    clinicians, nurses and laboratory professionals who need to counsel,
    investigate and manage patients and families at risk of genetic disorders in
    their daily practice.
  • To update the health care professional on the advances in the genomic and
    genetic technology in assisting clinical diagnosis and management.
  • To serve as a preparation course for health care professional who wants to
    further pursue higher education in the field of clinical genetics.


  • Clinical Professionals such as (obstetricians, physicians, nurses, and midwives) who are dealing with patients with a family with genetic diseases background
  • Laboratory professionals who are dealing with genomic testing


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