1. Royan Education Center for Biotechnology- Isfahan

Royan Education Center for Biotechnology (Isfahan) is actively engaged in conducting extensive researches in diverse fields of studies including Stem Cells, Andrology, Genetics, Embryology, Nanotechnology, Recombinant Proteins and Tissue Engineering. As well, the center has held up to 60 specialized national and international courses per year.

  1. Royan Education Center (REC)

Royan Education center includes different types of laboratories: general, cell culture, molecular histology, embryology, flow cytometry, clean room, operation room for lab animals.

  • School Promotional Program to increase students’ motivation, REC offers many promotional programs specialized for schools to motivate 1st and 2nd grade high school school-based programs.
  • Research Laboratory Program to increase the research motivation in diverse fields, REC provides opportunities for students to work in research laboratories and help prepare them for various scientific events
  • Laboratory Skill Training is designed for undergraduate and graduate university students and help them to find their area of research.
  • General Programs Apart from training courses for students, Royan Education Center offer many general programs and courses to raise the public awareness as diabetes prevention and treatment, the effect of exercises on diabetes, cancer prevention and familiarity with cord blood bank.
  • Effective Intelligence, stress management and English language 4 skills are among the other public programs of this center. All these courses are taught by professors, specialists and psychologists.


  1. Stem Cell Center for All (SC)

Royan Stem Cell for All Center provides various educational and training workshops due to the variety of the audiences. To make these huge audience familiar with stem cells and related fields, diverse programs have been designed. This center was established in the 4th building of Royan Institute, and is equipped with all the necessary laboratory equipment for conducting research on stem cells, molecular biology and proteomics, histology, microbiology, tissue engineering, laboratory animals, bioinformatic with the capacity of 15 people for each workshop.

This center also produces educational products and creative ideas to generalize biology. Producing various types of educational equipment like Thermal Cycler, Electroferoz, Histology Set, the game to familiar with stem cells, translation and authoring book.

Students’ workshops in Stem Cell for All and the Research Bus

Also, to introduce stem cell science to students of marginalized regions, Royan Research Bus has been equipped with 6 microscopes, PCR, Electroferoz,… as well as a place for keeling laboratory animals in collaboration with the municipality.