Gonad Re-Function

International Webinar on Gonad Re-Function: Why & How

Chairperson: Prof. Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, PhD

Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Sherman Silber, MD
  • Dr. Firouzeh Ghaffari, MD
  • Dr. Bita Ebrahimi, PhD


Royan Education Center (REC)

Main Topics:

  • Ovarian Longevity, and Making Sperm and Egg from Skin Cells
  • Human Ovarian Tissue Transplantation
  • Human Ovarian Tissue Vitrification


Specialists from the following fields :

Gynecology, Biology, Embryology, Midwifery, General Practitioners and other related fields of studies


Registration Fee: 25 US$

***Discount: 40%  (for University Students)

— University Students can benefit from 40% discount with a recommendation letter from their university or institute.

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To register, please download the registration form and email it to us:

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Email: education@royaninstitute.org